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  1. Rental Periods: All items are available for rent on a daily, weekly (7 days), or monthly (30 days) basis. If you require an extension, a minimum 24-hour notice is required. Failure to return the rented item on the scheduled date will result in an additional week or daily rental charge, commencing the day following the initial rental period. The rental period begins upon receipt of the equipment in your home or upon pickup and ends when the equipment is shipped out or picked up.
  2. Condition of Return: All items must be returned in a clean and acceptable condition, similar to their condition at the commencement of the rental period.
  3. Responsibility for Damages: The Customer is responsible for the replacement costs of any damaged, missing, or permanently stained rental equipment. In the event that the returned equipment appears broken due to misuse, a test and repair charge of $50.00 may be applied for inspection, testing, and minor repairs necessary to restore the equipment to service. This charge is payable at the end of this agreement. If the equipment cannot be repaired, the customer will be notified and is responsible for the designated replacement cost of the Equipment.
  4. Automatic Charges:
    • If the rental is not returned clean, a charge of $35 will be applied.
    • If the rental is not returned by the due date, I authorize the automatic charge to my card.
    • In the event of a rental being a week past due, the full retail price will be automatically charged.
  5. Liability and Indemnity:
    • Limitation of Liability: In no event will John’s Shop-Rite Pharmacy, INC be liable to the Customer for any incident or injury, indirect or consequential damages, whether caused by negligence or otherwise.
    • Indemnity: The Customer agrees to protect, indemnify, and hold harmless John’s Shop-Rite Pharmacy from all claims, damages, and costs, including legal expenses, arising out of the Customer’s use of the equipment.
  6. Acknowledgment: I acknowledge that I have received instructions on the proper use of the equipment and accept full responsibility for its proper use and care during the rental period, ensuring its return in the same condition as received.
  7. Understanding of Responsibilities: I fully understand that I am responsible for any and all damages, including repair costs, arising from the use of the product during my rental period.

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